Cheung Po Tsai Cave

Located in the West coast of Cheung Chau Island, the Cheung Po Tsai Cave is one of the most popular attraction for both locals and tourists due to its peculiar looking shape and its enriching backstory. 

The Cave is named after the famous pirate, Cheung Po Tsai. Cheung is ofen portray as the Robin Hood of Hong Kong. Born in Jiangmen, he and his father lived on junk boat in Coastal Canton as “tanka” (people who lives on boats as fishermen). When he turned 15, he was kidnapped by a pirate duo Ching Shih and Cheng, and was raised as their own. Thus beginning his journey into life of pirating on high seas. 

Legend says that Cheung led 600 pirate ships and more than 25,000 men in the South China Sea.

During the Qing Dynasty (1800-1810), Cheung was caught at sea and was forced to surrender to the government. Not long after, the Chinese government assigned Cheung the position of officer in the Qing Imperial Navy. 

Before officially serving the navy, the Cave was Cheung’s hideout from the arrest of the Qing government. It is also believed to be where he hid all his treasures. 

illustration of man and cave
Illustrated by SCMP

There is no evidence of his treasures in the Cave as in the present time. However, it is still considered worth visiting. The entrance of the Cave is approximately 10 feet long and can be quite steep. Only one person can be in and out at once.