Chinese Bayview Restaurant

Dine at our Chinese Bayview Restaurant with the best ocean view of the island. Indulge in authentic dishes of Cheung Chau and share this lovely moment with a loved one!

Maximum Capacity / 300 guests

Monday to Sunday (closed on Wednesdays)  Opening hours : 7am – 9pm

Taste of Hong Kong

Experience the true taste of Hong Kong ! We are serving up some of the most authentic Dim Sum in the morning and signature Cantonese dishes in the evening. 

Seasonal Promotion

Snake Banquet

Our Snake Banquet features a selection of exquisite snake dishes that is both delicious and nourishing to the body. 

* Please reserve three days or more in advance.

Basin Feast

Basin Feast, also known as PunChoi, is a Traditional dish in Cantonese cuisine that has layers of fresh seasonal ingredients all together in one bowl.

* Please reserve one day in advance. 

Seafood Hotpot (Valentine specials)

Our romantic seafood hotpot dinner set features a soup base that is made with chicken soup, coconut milk and our special ingredient beetroot !  With fresh Catch of the Day and some rose beers, you will be sure to feel the pink romance in the air.

* This will be available from 30/01/19 – 30/03/19. Please reserve one day in advance. 

Winter Claypots

Our Winter Classics features a selection of delicious ingredients on a bed of steaming rice in claypots.

* Please reserve in advance.