Explore the island’s beautiful natural scenery and local attractions with a great walk around Cheung Chau.

Family Friendly Trail : Mini Great Wall


1.2 KM

From the Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, walk along Tung Wan Road for approximately 10 minutes until you arrive at Tung Wan Beach. From there, walk towards Kwun Yam Temple along Cheung Chau Beach Road for around 15 minutes until you reach the entrance of the Mini Great Wall. By walking along the coastal Mini Great Wall, you will see many strangely shaped rocks including the Human Head Rock and Vase Rock

Around the Island Trail


13 KM

Cheung Chau Ferry Pier → Cheung Chau Wan → Tai Kwai Wan → Tung Wan Tsai → Pak Kok Tsui → Tung Wan → Kwun Yam Wan → Fa Peng → Nam Tam Wan → Cemetery → Pak Tso Wan → Po Yue Wan → Cheung Po Tsai Cave → Sai Wan → Ferry Pier 

Alighting at the pier, head left and walk along the waterfront. Pass the ice-making factory, take the uphill road by the information board. Farther on, climb the stone steps on the left. From there, head towards the pavilions, which are lovely lookouts for the view of Tung Wan. Descend the concrete path on the other side of the pavilion, make a left turn and stay to main path on the left to Tung Wan. Follow the coastline and climb uphill after passing the water sports centre. Then head left to climb the steps up to the pavilion. Follow the coastal path until the end. Head back to the Human Head Rock and climb the steps up to Fa Peng Pavilion, make a left turn at Fa Peng Pavilion, then skirt around the seminary and walk towards Nam Tam Wan. Take the steps beside the temple to Peak Road, follow all the way to Reclining Rock via the villages and cemetery. From there, join the concrete path and pass through a narrow path between boulders. At the next crossing, take the side path on the left to Cheung Po-tsai Cave and then return to the crossing. Follow the main route and return to the pier.