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Photo Contest in WeChat

Get a chance to win a romantic night stay in our Hotel



Cheung Chau Warwick Hotel has just launched our first Photo Contest “Summer on the island” on our WeChat Official Account! The competition is to capture the beauty of Cheung Chau island in its summer time. From the alluring beaches to cultural temples to delicious seafood and snacks, Cheung Chau is a charming little island that has excitement in every corner. 


The competition starts on 13/06/2018 and ends on 13/08/2018. Both participants and non-participants can vote for their favourite work. The photo with the most votes will win a one night at our Hotel’s Ocean View Deluxe Bedroom with private balcony.


Register on our WeChat Account and stay tuned to our final reveal!





Tung Wan Beach

Water Quality Ratings of 38 Hong Kong Beaches



The Tung Wan Beach is one of the most popular spot in summertime. Many visitors come for a local island experience as they take a dip in the ocean water. Awarded one of 38 beaches in Hong Kong with a high water quality, Tung Wan beach is perfect for families and friends to hang out in the summer! 


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Newly launched WeChat  

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Cheung Chau Warwick Hotel has just launched our new WeChat Official Account. Scan our QR code here and join us to win a chance in our Lucky Lottery! 


Bun Carnival 2018

Join in the fun for the Best Annual Festival of Cheung Chau island 


Titled as ’Top 10 Quirky Local Festivals’ and an intangible part of China’s cultural heritage, Jiao Festival is packed with colourful traditions and fun activities. The Festival originates from the legend of the god Pak Tai as guardian of the people of Cheung Chau. Every year, the locals will celebrate and give offerings to Pak Tai in hopes to ward off all evil spirits. 


From all kinds of celebratory parade, lion dances, drum beatings, offerings of fruits and buns to the Trademark of Bun Scrambling Competition, it is sure a spectacle not to be missed!  


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