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The Warwick Hotel on Cheung Chau island is the perfect getaway from the hectic city lives. Located right next to the East bay, guests and visitors can enjoy their exotic stay with a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and serene nature.

Only a 30-minutes ferry ride to Central business district and a 5-minute walking distance from the Cheung Chau ferry Pier (No. 5), the Hotel is a convenient location for leisure stays and business trips to Hong Kong.

The Hotel's 64 rooms are beautiful furnished and renovated recently. Each ocean view room has its individual private balcony overlooking Cheung Chau's main sandy beach. Guests can take a 1-minute walk to one of the mainly beautiful fine white beaches of Cheung Chau Island.


Address : Tung Wan Rd, Cheung Chau

From Hong Kong International Airport via Airport Express Train

Take the Airport Express Train from the airport to Hong Kong Station, walk across the Outlying Island Ferry Pier No. 5 (Central -> Cheung Chau). Upon arrival at Cheung Chau, a 5-minute walk through Tung Wan Road from pier directly to Warwick Hotel.

From Hong Kong International Airport via A-bus

Take the A-bus (A-11) from Hong Kong International airport bus station to Central (Exit at Jardine House, Connaught Road, Central). Walk across the Outlying Island Ferry Pier No.5 (Central -> Cheung Chau). Upon arrival at Cheung Chau, a 5-minute walk through Tung Wan Road from pier directly to Warwick Hotel.


Tin Hau Temple

The Sai Wan Tin Hau Temple is a 200 years old temple, dedicated to the goddess of sea. Fishermen go to the temple to seek protections and good fortune before heading out to the sea.

Location:100m, northwest of the Pak Tai Temple

Northern Pavilion​

An excellent spot in Cheung Chau that is often missed by the tourists, you get a full view of the island from here. Go left from the pier and it takes 40 mins or so to reach here, well worth it.

Location:Outlying islands

Pak Tai Temple

Built in 1783, Pak Tai Temple is dedicated to Pak Tai, the God of the Sea who is revered among the local fishing community as their protector. The building is a traditional Chinese structure with beautiful ceramic tiles and roof as well as animal images such as guardian lion stones.

Each year’s spring time, locals and visitors travel to Cheung Chau island and attend the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. The annual event, also known as the Bun Festival, is held right here.

Location:A short distance to the left of the Cheung Chau ferry pier

Wind Surfing Centre

The windsurfing center is the perfect spot for windsurfing lovers to enjoy the sun and waves. This is where HK first and only Windsurfing Olympic gold metalist Lee Lai San is born, lived and practised. Lee's uncle now runs the center, offering beginner's class.
You can also rent kayaks and stand up paddle-boards for a day of adventure.

Location:5 mins walk from hotel and next to Kwun Yam Beach

Cheung Po Tsai Cave ​

Cheung Po Tsai Cave is one of the most popular attraction on the island. It is believed that the cave was once a storage for all the stolen goods of a famous pirate (Cheung Po Tsai) in the 19th century. Legend has it that Cheung Po Tsai had 2000 men and 600 junks under his sleeves.
The cave can be slippery, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring along a torch if you are planning on a treasure hunt!

Location:On the southwest tip of the islands ; 45mins by foot or 20 mins by boat

Mini Great Wall

The Mini Great Wall is a very good hike for family and friends. The path stretches a few hundred meters along the island's southeast coast, offering spectacular views of the nature and some amazing vantage points over the South China Sea. You will see some interestingly shaped rocks along the trail such as the Flower Vase Rock and Human Head Rock, each named after their unique formation.
It may not be a difficult hike, but be sure to wear light and comfortable outfits and bring enough water for best experience.

Location:Behind Kwun Yam Beach, outlying islands

Seafood Restaurant

Many seafood restaurants line up against the left coast to the ferry pier, each offers a veriety of traditional Cantonese seafood. From steamed fish with soy sauce and spring onion, deep fried squid to stir fried clams with chilli, you can truly taste the flavors of Cheung Chau island. Some of the locals may even have the habit of bringing their own fresh fish to the restaurants, for the chefs to prepare with a special "cooking fee".

Location:a short distance from the Cheung Chau pier